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youth middle school volleyball camp


Welcome to Spike Sport Volleyball Clubs’ “Mini Club” Program!
This eight week program is offered for girls and boys in 5th – 7th grade, who are interested in developing technical volleyball skills essential for joining a club team in a year or two. This program is dedicated to creating a solid volleyball foundation designed to advance players in their volleyball careers; 
* Summer Pre Mini Club Camp; July, Aug, & Sept (4 week sessions-info below).
* Fall Mini Club Session; Oct 4th – Nov 27th. (T & Th , 6 pm – 8pm)
* Winter Pre Mini Club Camp; Nov 29th – Dec 20th. (T & Th , 6 pm – 8pm)
* Winter Mini Club Session; Jan 10th – March 5th. (T & Th , 6 pm – 8pm)
* Spring Mini Club; March 28th – May 21st
* Mini Club Fee: Session (2 payments of $375 or one payment of $700)
* Season Practices: Tues & Thurs, 6pm – 8pm.
* 3 Local Tournaments per session

Welcome to Spike Sport Club “Pre Mini Club Camp”
This 16 hours of training program is offered four weeks of training for girls and boys 5th – 7th grade who are interested
in joining a mini club team for the upcoming season
* With or without experience.
* Date: July 5th – 28th

* Age: 5th – 7th grades
* Days: Tues & Thurs.
* Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
* Fee: $225
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* Next: Aug 2nd – 25th

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youth middle school volleyball camp