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Spike Sport

Please Look for our Full
Summer Training Camp
 as early as May 2024
(the schedule will be posted Dec).
Spike Sport Summer Training Camp

 High-Performance Training.

These 15 hours, five days of intense passing, spiking, serving,,,
and scrimmage
team training is geared mostly toward  Spike Sport Club players ONLY.
* Five days Mon – Fri.
* Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
* For SP SP Club players $ 200.
* Fee for others: $350.

This camp is designed to maximize your potential through high-level tactical training & mentality of the game
* If you would like to achieve your highest level of volleyball performance and you don’t mind working hard to get to the next level! then this training is for you!
* Our training may not be for everyone.
* In this training camp you can be evaluated for our club team for the next club season in Nov. 

 For more info or club team tray out:  spikesportc@gmail.com or call (713) 320 – 4614

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