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Club volleyball is a volleyball program that runs from approximately mid-Nov through April/May. Teams will practice approximately 2 times per week and play anywhere from 6-10 tournaments a season on weekends, depending on the club. Some clubs also offer agility training and optional skills clinics and open gyms play as part of their package. Club volleyball is not a league where a team plays weekly matches against other clubs.
A typical club team ranges from 10-12 girls. Clubs may offer multiple teams at each age group. The more popular clubs may have close to 100 girls trying out at the more popular age groups. 

What is club volleyball?

A majority of the girls that want to play club volleyball can find a team. There are things that a player and parent can do that will increase the chances of getting an offer from a club team. These things will be discussed later.

Age Group

The common ages for club volleyball are 12U through 17U. The most popular age groups are at 14U and 15U. Many clubs offer teams for 12U & 17U.
The age cutoff date for eligibility is July 1. Google “USA volleyball age chart” to find the current year’s matrix. Below is the matrix for the 2023-2024 season.

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