Spike Sport 12 Black
Tournament Schedule 2021 – 22
* This tournament schedule will be subject to change

Dec 19th (Sat)

Jan 9 or 10th (Sat or Sun)

Jan 16  (Sat)

Christmas Holiday: Dec 22nd – 26th. 
* Tournaments usually start @ 8:00 am (teams need to be at the tournament site @ 7:15 am).
* For site & more info about the tournament, you could go to the tour’s host website (2/3 days before the tour date), or get in touch with your coach.
* To find out more info about any tournament’s pool play schedule, please go to the website of the club hosting the tournament.

Useful Link for Tournaments:
Regional ,,,,,Spike Sport, ,,,,WSC ,,,,,,Lone Star, ,,,,Power League,,,,,,,AVA, ,,,,,Skyline, ,,,,,FAST, ,,Woodland ,,,

12 Black / Blue  Roster
Coaches: Dee / Ron,   Email,
Mon & Wed,  6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

1 Leia Lacson
2 Jordyn Jolivet
3 Kayla Johnson
4 Angela James
5 Madilyn Baccigalopi
6 Kailyn Capehart
7 Kaitlyn Tatge
8 Nicole Du
9 Camille Chandler
10. Niyah Herrera
11. Presley Washington
12. Trisha George
13. Zoe Everhart
14.Miley Nickerson
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