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volleyball Summer camp in houston

 Spike Sport 13 Black,
Coach Giselle Loya  Email
Mon & Wed, 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm 
Tournament Schedule 2023 – 24

 Roster Date13 Black
1Kayla Yates112/16Spike Sport
2Smrithi Cuddeti21/13Star Sport
3Autumn Leanos32/3Force
4Summer Lozada Santos42/10Spike Sport
5Lily Pilibosian53/2Force
6Serrena Kingua63/16Skyline
7Kennedy Lawrence73/30Star Sport
8Maya Goodley84/6Lone Star Dallas
9Malia Hooks 94/20Fast
10 104/27Regional
  • The season starts Nov 13th on Mon 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm.
  • Thanksgiving Holiday: Nov 30th.
  • Christmas Holiday: Dec
  • Tournaments usually start @ 8:00 am (teams need to be at the tournament site @ 7:15 am).
  • For site & more info about the tournament, you could go to the tour’s host website (2/3 days before the tour date), or get in touch with your coach.
  • To find out more info about any tournament’s pool play schedule, please go to the website of the club hosting the