Spike Sport Club

Spike Sport

Houston Indoor Volleyball Training Center
We have the most shock-absorbing floor ever for volleyball.
Spike Sport Club
Spike Sport Club
 Adult Sixes Tournament:  Sept 30th (Sat) & Oct 14th (Sat) Sign up

Spike Sport Club
Houston Volleyball Training Center

We are a 30 years old club in Houston. Volleyball for ALL!!

About Us

We are a firm believer that if you have knowledge pass it on to those who do not.
We are giving back what we were able to learn from our experience as coaches from years of 
winning and losing playing this sport. We also believe that playing sports as a child not only builds character and confidence but also gives a sense of accomplishment. It also prepares children for life, teaching them about working as a team or as a team player, not as an individual.

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About Plex

Plex is the industry leader in human performance offering the highest level of integrated and innovative sports medicine & training for anyone regardless of age, sport or skill level.  With a proven track record of over seventeen years, Plex programs have helped to power thousands of individuals, from Super Bowl Champions to Olympic Gold Medalists, to young athletes just learning to play their first sport, to thousands of executives who still have a youthful passion and desire for overall health and well being.

 Services we offer: Physical Therapy,   Instrument-assisted soft   tissue,  mobilization   (Graston), Dry needling,   Cupping, Kinesiotaping,   Sport specific rehab,   GameReady –   Compression ice   machine, Normatec –   compression therapy,,,,

We Provide The Best Training.
On the Best Triflex Floor For Volleyball, it is “Topflor”.
We are the USA sales representative for Topflor.


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