Spike Sport Club

Spike Sport Club Summer Camp

All Skills Training Camp 

* Sign up 
This camp is suitable for 5th grade and up with or without experience
to prepare for the upcoming school season.
* All Skills Training Camp.
* 12 hours of training camp in four days is designed to improve The Fundamental Skills of volleyball with the right technique: Serving, Passing, Attacking, Setting, Blocking, Defense, Offense, and Scrimmage.
* Mon – Thurs. 
* 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.
* Door opens at 8:15 am.
* Fee: $195
1. June 6th – 9th. Sign up
2. June 13th – 16th. Sign up
3. June 20th – 23rd. Sign up
4. June 27th – 30th. Sign up
1. July 4th – 7th.
2. July 11th – 14th. 
3. July 18th – 21st. 
4. July 25th – 28th.
1. Aug 1st – 7th.  
2. Aug 8th – 11th.

* We have our own unique way of teaching volleyball.
* If you would like to achieve your highest level of volleyball performance and You Don’t Mind Working Hard to get to the next level! 
Then our club training is for you!
* Our training is not for everyone.
* In this training camp you can be evaluated for our club team for next club season in Nov.
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