Spike Sport

Spike Sport Club Summer Camp

Friday One Day Group
Skills & Scrimmage Training.

* June Dates: June 10th or June 17th or June 24th.
* July Dates: July 1st or July 8th (MS Try-Out) or July 15th (HS Try-Out) or
                        July 22nd (MS Try-Out), July 29th (HS Try-Out),
* Aug Dates: Aug 5th or Aug 12th.       * Sign up
* It is offered every Friday.
* High School, 14s – 17s.
* For selected experienced club players only.
* This high instance of higher-level training focuses on more ball control,
serving, spiking, setting,, and
scrimmage team training
* Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
* Fee: $50 each day.
* Limited spots / To select your date:
* Sign up
We have our own unique way of teaching volleyball.
* Our unique aggressive mind and muscle memory technique training is different from others
and we achieve the highest level of volleyball performance in a short time.
* Our winning techniques training including Eastern European Style Power Attack (for skilled players).
* All of our training is for players to achieve their highest level of volleyball performance.
* Our Training is designed to improve The Fundamental Skills of volleyball with the right technique: Serving, Passing, Attacking, Setting, Blocking, Defense, Offense, and Scrimmage competitions will take place during the camp.
*  If you would like to achieve your highest level of volleyball performance and You Don’t Mind Working Hard to get to the next level! then this club training is for you!
“Our training may not be for everyone”.
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