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Spike Sport 2015 - 16

Winter Training Camp
Boys Club Volleyball (6th - 8th grade)
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Spike Sport Volleyball Club

A 45,000 sq/ft, eight volleyball courts facility with the most highiest degree of shock absorbing sport floor. It's the same floor used for Olympic games. Reduces injury from repetitive jumping and training while on this floor.

Adult Programs

Adults Camp
Every Thurs (7pm - 8:15pm)
Sign up & pay only $8

Open Gym
Every Tues &Thurs
Men & Women &
Coed Sixes
8:30pm -10:45pm

Reverse Coed Four

Every Thurs night,
8:15pm - 11pm.

Court Rental
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Boys (HS)
Club Volleyball

Our new facility will be open for 2016 season, Beltway 8 S & Ft Bend toll,
It will be closer to Pearland and Sienna


While Supply Last!!
Court Rental
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Hotel, Special Rate
Crowne Plaza Suites $89