Email/ Contact (713) 320 - 4614
Spike Sport Club
2017 - 18
Try - Out.
Sept 10th - Sept 24th
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm,
Fee: $40.
(713) 777- 7453 Sign up Online
* Open Spots only for: 12s , 14s, 15s age group

Age Classification Guidelines 2017 - 2018 Season:
* 12s, 5th&6th grade (Born After Sept. 1 / 2006)
* 14s, 8th grade (Born After Sept. 1 / 2004)
* 15s, 9th grade (Born After Sept. 1 / 2003)

Spike Sport Training Camp
Private Lesson
To set up a schedule, Please call: 713- 777- 7453
Our Goal:
We would like everybody to be able to play volleyball any level, young / old, male / female, tall/ short,,,,,,
* We are here to make sure " Spike Sport Is The Place Be" .
* We are here for anyone who wants to learn to play this game, their best!
* We are here for anyone who wants to be train to play their highest level of volleyball.
* We are here for you; with the best floor, it's the most shock absorbing sport floor ever!
* Here at Spike Sport, our immediate goal is to train the right techniques to develop our players to become competitive in volleyball with a solid foundation for success on court and in life.
We are committed to the further advancement of the skills of each athlete through hands-on technique training.

We believe in focusing primarily in hard work training and, in our experience, success on the scoreboard has been a natural outcome. We are always seeking players and coaches who love volleyball and want to pursue the skills to constantly improve their volleyball and life goals. As coaches we are devoted to the game, team, and individuals that seek our guidance. We are always growing and adapting to the needs of our organization and discovering new ways to teach/coach the skills necessary to play the game at a competitive level. Our coaching staff, working together with parents and club coordinators, can achieve this goal.

Our Coaching Staff :
Our highly qualified coaching staff has many years of competitive volleyball experience, winning at state, regional, national, and some international levels. These coaches have been selected for what they can contribute to our program and to their teams.
Ron Roodgari, the founder of Spike Sport, will coach, train, direct and coordinator all the camps a long with some of our coaches, Rachelle Blunt, Amy Moyer, Chirs Thomas, ,, ,,, . They will insure that practices are focused and intense, and will challenge the players to reach their maximum potential.