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"Most usefull info about club volleyball"
So your child is interested in playing club volleyball? Great! It will help improve her skills and provide a great experience playing tournaments throughout the winter months. However, it can be a tough decision deciding which club is right for you and your player – especially if you live in area like ours with many clubs to choose from. Here is some advice from our club director:
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General info about "Any Club Program"

* Juniors club program is for players in 4th, 5th grade through high school that are selected in a try out or our summer camp training and of course our return players.
* Teams will form in their age group for that particular season.
* Teams will compete in tournaments and have practices 2 times a week
* Teams are made of 10 - 12 players.
* Most of club season starts in Nov / Dec through April / May.
* Most of the top teams in club will travel out of town to play in different tournament.
* If you commit to a club you have to stay with that club for entire season.
* Club fee is ranged from $1,500 - $3,000 or some up to $5,000,,, per season.

What are club tournaments?
Club tournaments are where teams from different areas get together and play each other best out of 3 games to 25 points in pool play and then the best teams advance to bracket play off. Team usually will play a minimum of 3 matches in one day. Some events give out medals while others just give you bragging rights. Tournaments are held in Houston area for the local teams or across the state and are sancationed by USAV. Our region is the USAV Lone Star Region. The Bid events are open to all teams wanting to qualifiey for a national tournament.
Where are the tournaments held?
In some volleyball facility a long with high schools, middle schools, convention centers, sport complexes, church gyms, ect.. It really varies.

How many events do the teams play in?
Club teams will play in 9 - 10 tournaments that are usually on Saturdays or some on Sun.. . Changes in the tournament schedules are always discussed with the team before final selections are made. Most teams will play 2 tournaments a month.

How long do tournaments last?
Players need to plan on being at a tournament from 8am to 5- 7pm. or some starts 2:00pm - 10:00pm
Even though most tournaments begin play at 8am and finish by 6 pm, there are always exceptions. If we have an 8am match, players will arrive by 7am. or 1:30pm

Do the teams play in USAV National qualifiers?
All teams who are willing to attend nationals will post the Nationals entry fee in advance and then they can play in the regional bid championships, to earn the rights to attend the USAV Nationals or a USAV Bid tournament to earn a chance to play at the USAV Nationals. .

* It should be the organizations policy not to drain families of funds for travel expenses when we can attend quality tournaments within our zone. When we have teams that are ready to be recruited we will seek tournaments where they can been seen by scouts. We believe families should spend their volleyball fund dollars wisely when their players are at a young age.
We try and make our travel tournaments a family fun event.

* Teams for 2015 - 16 season,
(Age Classification Guidelines)
* One team: 12s, 6th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2,004)
One team: 13s, 7th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2003)
Two teams: 14s, 8th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2002)
Two teams: 15s, 9th grade (Born After Sept. 1 /2,001)
One team: 16s,10th grade (Born After Sept. 1/ 2000)

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