Spike Sport ClassiC # 10
Date: April 24th /25th
Age: 14s

* New (on Sun)
We have a full concession stand that will be open during our Tournaments offering Breakfast & Lunch items. 
(Coffee, Breakfast Tacos,
chick’n Sandwich and more)
schedule will be posted on Thurs,,,
Pool / Bracket Play Schedule,
schedule is subject to change,,,
Please check back this page on late Friday. Match Results, will be posted live on this pages during the tournament.
14s Team List For Sun April 25th starts 8 AM
Team Name
Team USAV Code
 Sunday 8am 
1 ^FB Xpress 14 Elite G14FBXPR2LS
3  Houston Force 141 G14HFORC1LS
4  Houston Force 141 G14HFORC2LS
5 ^Diggin 14s Blk G14DIGGI1LS
6 ^Pineywoods Elite 14-1 G14PINEY1LS
7 .Asics Willowbrook 14 Black g14awbvb4ls
8 ^Texas Twisters 14 Royal G14TXTWI1LS
11 ^Champion 14 Black G14CVHOU1LS
13 ^Brazos Valley 14 Premier g14bvjrs3ls
14 ^Brazos Valley 14 Impact g14bvjrs4ls
15 ^TX Tornado 14 Adidas,  G14TXTOR1LS
16 ^AVB 14 Royal G14AVB1LS
17 ^AVB 14 Black G14AVB2LS
18 ^Spike Sport Red g14spspt3ls
Waiting list: ^AVB 14 Royal & ^AVB 14 Black
 Dropped: ^SETX 14 Elite,  
* Full
.Paid.,  ^: Paid Online........... * Not Paid.......................
14s Team List: 14s Sat 8 AM
14s Team List:  Sat 3 PM
Team Name
Team USAV Code
Team Name
Team USAV Code
1.. ^KW Revolution - 14 Elite g14krvbc1ls 1 ^AVA Texas 14 Digs G14AVATX7LS
2 ^KW Revolution - 14 Molten g14krvbc2ls 2 ^Spike Sport Blue G14spspt2ls
3 ^KW Revolution - 14 Trefoil g14krvbc3ls 3 ^AVA Texas 14 Aces G14AVATX8LS
5 . H Skyline14 White G14hosky3ls 5 ^AVA Texas 14 Aces G14AVATX8LS
6 ^Texas Twisters 14 NAVY G14TXTWI2LS 6 ^W Revolution 14 Black G14wrevo3ls
7 ^LCVA Blue 14 g14LCVBA1LS 7 ^W Revolution 14 Adidas G14wrevo2ls
8 ^W Revolution 14 Blue g14wrevo4ls 8 . H Skyline14 Silver G14hosky4ls
9 ^W Revolution 14 Gold g14wrevo5ls 9 .Texas One Cobalt G14TXONE3ls
10 ^Spike Sport Black g14spspt1ls 10 ^ Texas Diamonds 14 Black G14TXDIA1LS
11 ^W Revolution 14 Silver g14wrevo6ls 11 ^ Texas Outlaws 14 Black G14TXOUT1LS
12 ^H Skyline 14 White Gj4HOSKY3LS 12 ^ Texas Outlaws 14 Blue G14TXOUT2LS
13 ^H Skyline 14 Silver Gj4HOSKY4LS Full 
14 ^TX Ultimate 14 White G14TXULT2LS
16 ^AVA Texas 14 Extreme G14AVATX5LS
17 ^AVA Texas 14 Rally G14AVATX6LS
18 ^Xcel Volleyball 145 G14XCELV5LS
* Not Paid..................... ^: Paid Online........... .Paid...
* Please check in and be there for coaches meeting @ 7:45 am
* First game starts at 8:00 A.M.
* Warm-up: (2 -3 -3).
* Pool Play four team pool: (2 out of 3), 2 games 25 points and 3rd to 15 points.
* Play Off: Top two teams from each pool four teams advance to Gold or Silver Bracket, single elimination bracket play.
* Coaches will up ref for this tournament. (coaches please bring couple whistle.
* Looser of last match of pool play of refs the 1st round of play off (please check the bracket or with court manager before you leave.).
Tie Breaking rules:
1. Match %
2. Set % - Number of sets won divided by number of sets played.
3. Head to Head set result between two teams. This criteria does not apply in a 3 way tie.
4. Three way tie:
Point  diferencial  only between the three teams.
5. Last : Point% - Total number of points you scored in the pool divided by total number of points scored against you.


Spike Sport Club is trying to help do its part by offering a safer place during this pandemic by limiting the team number and parents than we usually allow this season.
* We will minimize the number of teams assigned per each court (only 3 teams).
* We are allowing a maximum of 15 parents per each team. (no kids under14)
* Each club team needs to pre-purchase the total of passes for team parents online as a team in one transaction.
* One purchase for one team with each individual name, (or player's) name to purchase. Online
* We will need you to enter each person's (or player's) name to purchase.
* Pick up your pass by name at the door on tournament day. 
* No pre-purchase pass, No Entry
* Masks are required to enter and inside the building all the time. 
* Players have the option to remove masks while playing (USAV COVID GUIDELINES) . 
* No Chairs are allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Facility Rules
* Individuals entering the facility do so at their own risk.
* The property owners, building tenants, event operators, and staff of Spike Sport Club and assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur.
* Spike Sport Club Volleyball reserve the right to refuse play, admittance and/or service to anyone
* Violation of any rules will result in ejection form the facility and loss of privileges.

* Conduct in the facility should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship both in the stands and on the courts.
* Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is allowed anywhere in the Spike Sport Club or on its property.
* Players or spectators with alcohol in their possession or judged by the staff to be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance will be asked to leave/remove immediately.
* Children must be under direct adult supervision at all times. Children are not permitted to wander around the building without an adult with them. Children are not to use open courts. No balls may be used on the mezzanine level.
* No smoking is allowed in the building or within 25 feet of the building.
* No pets are allowed in the facility.
* No food or beverages (other than non-breakable water bottles, sports drink in non-breakable containers or similar type athletic drinks) are permitted . This includes coffee and soda in any type of container.
* Footwear for all players must be non marking rubber soled sport shoes.
* Possession and/or the use of any type of weapon are strictly prohibited.
* Any action resulting in the activation of a fire alarm under false pretenses shall result in a $400 fine against the individual/team/club whose member(s) or associated spectators who are responsible.

A lot of parking available.  

** Tournaments Day
* No CHAIRS are permitted in the facility, (there are movie theater chairs available).
* No Bags on Court Area or score tables, only against wall .
* Drinks, Hot Sandwiches, Snacks, are available at the concession during the tournaments.
* Players are allowed to bring water bottles.
* No CUP drinks only plastic bottles with cap on are allowed inside the gym.
* Please help us keep the gym clean and safe! Please have your teams pick up their trash from the bench areas and team areas.
Please have your parents and team fans pick up and properly dispose of their trash.


.Here is some general info for new parents, new to club program.
Always list of the teams signed up for the tournaments will be posted four weeks before each tournament.
* Tournament pool play schedule will be posted on last Thurs. before tournament date.
* Dear Parents for any info about tournaments please talk to your club Rep.
* Most of tournaments starts @ 8:00am or some may start @ 3:00pm on Sat or Sun.
* Each tournament can take from 6 - 10 hours ....
Schedule Of Pool Play For each Tournament Is Subject To Change. Due to team dropping or adding.