Facility Rules

 15250 Hillcroft Ave, Missouri City 77489


This facility has 6 volleyball courts with a sports flooring engineered to your body's requirements. with the highest degree of shock absorbs impacts from jumps and protects the joints and muscles involved, making exercise a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. 100% PVC. Topflor reduces injury from repetitive jumping, and diving.  Playing volleyball never felt so good!      

Spike Club
A new 53,000 sq/ft facility
15250 Hillcroft Ave West

Missouri City Texas  77489
Phone: (713) 777-7453

We are taking precautions and daily we are sanitizing training environment, due to changes to COVID-19 guidelines.   We are doing the best to plan our program for a limited number of players, in a safe COVID-19 free environment for our athletes and families.  

Spike Sport Adult Friendship Tournaments
Hosting for Men's & Women's or Coed (6's)  





June 27th  (Saturday)  Men's, Women's, &
   Coed 4's
9:00 am $120
July 11th  (Saturday)  Men's, Women's, &
   Coed 4's
9:00 am $120
July 25th  (Saturday)  Men's, Women's, &
   Coed 6's
9:00 am $120

* To sign up and pay online, click on the following link: sign up.
 For more information, please call Ron (713) 320- 4614

Email: spikesportc@gmail.com

Reverse Coed 4's Tournament   
 * Every Wed Nights:                                                                                            * Format: Round robin & playoff.                                                                          * Time: 8:15pm - 10:45pm.                                                                                       * Team: Min two females.                                                                                         * Fee: $40 Team.                                                                                                 * To sign up: call (713) 320-4614

Adult Open Gym (all level) Since 1985

We have adult open gym on:
* Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15 pm - 10:45 pm Sunday from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, for all level players.

* Max of 3 teams per court (new).                                                                      * Only $10 person per visit. (new).

* Bring your own ball.
* Form your own team to compete, or come as a free agent to be placed on a team.
* We offer men's & women's 6's (A/Open) & Coed 6's (B/BB).

* New on Tues & Thurs nights one / two courts will be available for all selected players rated (aa/open). 

    Court Rentals
* Hourly fee $40 - $55
* Private Lessons, $70 - $90 an hour.

 To check availability, call: (713) 777-7453


Spike Sport Club Volleyball In Houston since 1985

* Adult Open Gyms, Tournaments, and Leagues
* Private and Group Lessons 
* Court Rentals

 For more info, contact: (713) 777-7453


Email: spikesportc@gmail.com